Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mandiri Gowes Bareng Di Cibubur, June 20th, 2010

Once again Cibubur Cycling Community (CCC) organized a cycling event in cooperation with Bank Mandiri and Citra Gran Cibubur on June 20th, at Citra Gran Cibubur housing complex. The theme of this event was “Go Cycling and Go Green”.

It was attended by more than 1500 cyclist from Cibubur district and from various places around Jakarta. There were 2 route set up for this event, a 5 kilometers on road for family fun bike, and a 14 kilometers off-road for cross country riders. So many children and ladies participated and they were so many smiles among them. I’m glad to see that moment. Indeed, this event was intended for fun. Their smiles showed that they had that fun.

Raynia Atmadja (Delta FM broadcaster) guide the event as the MC, and the guest star was the singer Opie Andaresta. There were another performances from Dangdut artists. Also there was an interesting session of Coaching Clinic by Mr. Tino Latuheru from MTB and BMX Commission of PB. ISSI (Pengurus Besar Ikatan Sport Sepeda Indonesia). The performace of BMX team was also interesting.

Cibubur Cycling Community (CCC) set up the cycling management, start from inviting so many communities whose gathered in CCC, inviting the cyclist at the public spaces, set up the cycling routes, prepare and install signage, advising the lay out of assembly point, providing the band and the singers, providing the sound systems, providing the MC, collecting lucky draw prizes, set up & manage the bike park, coordinate food bazaar, providing the personnel for some route posts, providing the personnel for the escort, providing ambulances and paramedics. In total there were more than a hundred personnel from CCC involved and supported this events.

The event was successfully done, no serious accident, everything was safe and secure. And the most important thing from this event was that cycling seemed become a re- borned habit, it’s booming everywhere, all over the places.

Viva CCC, we will always cycling everywhere, we surely do.

There are a dream to be done in the near future; we want to have a cycling track all along Cikeas River with big trees next to the track. Do you want the same track? are you with us?

Keep on trying Gowesers!   


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