Thursday, March 18, 2010

The 2nd Cibubur Cycling Community Gathering, March 7th, 2010

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March 7th, 2010, 07.00 am – 13.00 pm, 700 bikers from 32 cycling clubs are gathered together at Bukit Golf Riverside Sport Club. This is the 2nd gathering of Cibubur Cycling Community, in cooperation with Bukit Golf Riverside Housing Complex as main sponsor. This gathering was also supported by 12 other sponsors.

CCC prepared this gathering since a month before, and the committee was set up from CCC’s members who come from various club. It’s almost 100 members who become the committee. We all work together for free, and still we have strong commitment in preparing it. We just have a simple dream in our mind for having brotherhood and warm relationship with all bikers within Cibubur area, so may be we can do something to the neighborhood for the sake of  green environment.

We don’t take any money from the participants, it’s totally free, and also many door prizes and souvenirs were given to the participants. The main prize was one full suspension bike…wow! We do hope everybody will enjoy this session with all their hearth.

We prepared every things in detail, including the safety and security precautions. We provided 3 ambulances with trained paramedic in certain locations, and also we provide secure parking for the 700 bikes with special security system. There were more than 30 security guard and 4 provost  guard who supported this gathering.

We have special track which was was built prior to this gathering, we call it Orchid Bike Park, it’s actually a mini supermoto track. All bikers rode trough this track on the beginning of the ride. Yes, this gathering was started at 07.00 am by riding 17km track of on road and off road. They rode on asphalt, gravel, bamboo bridge, and on the edge of paddy field.

So many lady bikers and children jointed the peloton, and they succeed until the finish line. Actually all the bikers rode safely till the end.  After the ride, then we all sat together inside the sport club which was set up with so many tends filled with so many kind of foods and drinks. At the main tend, there was a band whose entertained us with great songs. They’re all so pleased and jointed to dance along with the pretty singer. Everybody laugh and smile to each other….indeed…that was a great moment for Cibubur Cycling Community.


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