Monday, November 17, 2008

Lesson #29: Teaching a Kid to Ride a Bike

In relation with my previous posting about audrey's new cycling hobby, I'd like to share with you how to teach your kid ride a bike. It's not so difficult, it just need a little bit of patience. As a parent, you will have a joyful moment for teaching and caring your kid at riding practice. Then finally you'll get really please when your kid able to pedaling by her self.

Here I found a related article from which will guide you to teach your kid.

Step 1: Make sure the bike is properly fit to the child.
She should just be able to stand over the top bar of the frame
without touching.
Step 2: Install training wheels on the bike.
Step 3: Have the child wear a helmet.
When first starting, knee and elbow pads, as well as gloves, are a
good idea.
Step 4: Be sure she wears clothing that is protective and not so loose that
it will get caught up in the bike. Jeans and a sweatshirt are
Step 5: Discuss safety with your child. Explain the importance of biking in safe locations and
wearing protective gear. Also, review what to do if she should fall, and explain that
falling is part of the learning process.
Step 6: Establish a safe and local learning place. A field with hard-packed grass is ideal; an
asphalt basketball court surrounded by grass or a quiet cul-de-sac are good options, too.
There should be plenty of open space, flat ground and no traffic.

Step 1: Get the child onto the bike and pedaling.
Step 2: Walk alongside the child and ask her to think about balancing between the two training
wheels - on the wheels of the bike alone. Explain that eventually you will take the
training wheels off.
Step 3: Let the child ride the bike as often as possible with the training wheels for a few days.
This duration will depend on the age and readiness of your child. Be sure she learns how
to stop effectively.
Step 4: Remove the training wheels from the bike when the child is totally comfortable with
riding the bike with them.
Step 5: Hold the back of the seat of the bike and the back of the child's sweatshirt. An alternate
grip is holding one handle-bar and the back of the sweatshirt.
Step 6: Push and run along with the child, instructing her to keep pedaling and look straight
Step 7: Take your hand off the seat when you feel the child balancing on her own accord.
Step 8: Give some words of encouragement as you take your hand from the child's sweatshirt,
allowing her to ride entirely by herself.
Step 9: Repeat the previous three steps until the child is able to start pedaling without you.

Tips & Warnings:
Make sure to teach your child in a safe area with proper safety equipment, and steer clear of cars. You be careful, too. You're probably not used to running around after bikes, so don't give yourself a heart attack or strain your back.


  1. anakku masih belom berani nyopot roda belakangnya nih, mas...
    tapi dia excited banget klo diajak maen sepeda...

  2. Terus support jagoannya ya Mbak Carol...pasti sebentar lagi dia bisa!.. "Then finally you'll get really please when your kid able to pedaling by her self"...Trust me...cycling will always make you happy..ini proven lho, pengalaman pribadi..pribadiku dan pribadi kawan2 biker, bukan ngarang


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